Saturday 8 August 2015

Some good memories about Comenius from Turkey :)

The most interesting experiences we had abroad during Comenius Project

We were walking around Krakow , shopping centers , pubs , cafes etc. I just saw a Galatasaray scarf in a sportstore. I was so happy because not onlyTurks but also Europeans know about my team ! I didn't buy that scarf because it was a fakeone.

I think it is hard to choose one of them.Because we saw and did lots of interesting things.For example in Poland , we saw salt mine and it was amazing . In greece we went to a beach and I had never been in a beach.We met  new people who were very different from us. I stayed in a house whose people had not been in our country.But if I have to choose one I will choose the salt mine. Because I think I will never see another again. The mine was very different from what I thought. So it is the most interestingexperience during Comenius Project that I want to see it again.

While I was in Portugal , I learned some Portuguese words and greetings , and also I taught my host and his family some Turkish words and greetings. I don't know when , which day this experience happened. After our programme we went to our host's house. At dinner , my host asked me "Do you like chicken?" and I said "Evet" .As he had learned this word two days ago , he understood me. And it was proud for me. Because when you say some Turkish words , if your listener understands you , you feel better. This was so emotional situation because we usually used to speak in English and we missed speaking in Turkish.

When I was in Poland , I went to salt mine. This was the most interesting experience for me. Because I saw real life under the surface. In ancient times , people used this place for salt and They lived there.They had everything about necessaries. Also they had wedding saloon. I mean these people's life was really different from us. Maybe they didn't see sun for a long time. But getting inside there is really hard because you have to go a lot of meters down.

Well , it is hard to choose , actually. I don’t know where to start or how to end it.
I enjoyed every single second I spent during the Project even if we did some boring stuff. But I enjoyed most during the presentations. It may sound ridiculous , I know. But when we were in Latvia and preparing for the presentations I was so scared. I was trying to keep calm and repeating the sentences that I studied in my mind. And when I heard the sound “Now Turkey will make presantation” I completely forgot what  I was going to say.
And then we all know the story. Yes it was the most interesting experience I had. Just be yourself in presantations , don’t copy the past even if you made the things in the past.

First of all , during Comenius , we had very much fun.We had great experiences. But ,that wasn’t the best experience to go to ‘Estadio do Dragao Stadium’. When my teacher said that you would go there.I felt so good.Everything in the stadium was great. In addition , the stadium wasn’t as big as I expected. I found it so interesting. It was the most interesting thing about Comenius.

In Comenius , I have experienced a lot of things like new friends , different cultures…
I can’t decide to select which one is more interesting. For example I saw Real Madrid’s stadium – Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. It was huge and amazing.We were in Spain , we went to Madrid and then wewent toPortugal and we saw different countries and cultures.In Greece , I didn’t feel like a stranger. I felt like I was at home. Because my host and her family were kind people.In Spain we went to El-Hamra Palace. I haven’t seen mosques and palaces in Istanbulyet , but I saw El-Hamra…

I went two countries in two years. Scotland was more enjoyable than Poland. But the most interesting thing in Poland was salt mine. When we went there , I was shocked. Many years ago workers , who were working there , created a new life there. Weddings were organized there even. There were a lot of paintings or someting like that on the walls. Some of them were about religion and they were all fascinating.I had never seen such mine before. I think I can’t forget it.


During Comenius , I enjoyed very much. On the second day in Portugal , we went to some old buildings like church. There were interesting things I haven’t seen before. There was also a high building which has lots of stairs that made us tired. While going up stairs I came across a Scottish teacher. I asked a question about the rtraditional skirt and he started to tell me. But I didn’t understand anything as he was speaking so fast J Then he realized that I didn’t understand he smiled and kept talking more slowly. And also I can’t forget our crazy photographs taken away from our group.

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