Saturday 21 February 2015

The 6th Conference Week - Winter Wonders in Finland :)

We had a great meeting, once again, and this time it was our turn to organize the conference week at Utajärvi, Finland. We spent the first day at school, giving presentations and having an official meeting (whilst students got to bake some Finnish joulutorttu ;)) and then in the evening we had a PreChristmas (Pikkujoulut) with the whole of upper secondary school. It was a great night and got everyone in the Christmas spirit:) On Tuesday we experienced different winter activities at Rokua Geopark and learned about the Geopark area. The guests also got to enjoy the warm waters of the spa. On Wednesday we drove all the way to Rovaniemi to meet, who other than, the Santa Claus himself. He was happy to see us and definitely didn't forget to come and greet all of us at Christmas as he could clearly see how well-behaved we all are! <3 On Thursday then we took a visit to Koivikko farm at Muhos to see how a modern cow farm functions and then we went on a tour around Oulu. We visited the frozen seeside in Nallikari and then spent some time at the city centre. It was so lovely to have you all here as quests and we learned so much about each other's cultures and how the 4 elements affect our lives:)

Monday 2 February 2015

Finland's experiences during the 5th conference week in Turkey.

The 5th Comenius The4ENs Conference was held in lovely Turkey. Our students gave a presentation on the element of fire. Enjoy:) Here you can relive our experiences through the photos:)