Tuesday 14 April 2015

Comenius classes in ESCarolina Michaelis, Porto, Portugal

School year 2014 - 2015

Here is Class 12 - 1 of English, involving 15 students of Economy, Arts, Science and Technology, and Languages and Humanities, who have taken part on the Comenius European Project, researching about different topics associated with the comprehensive theme "The 4 Elements of Nature and Their Effect on Our Lives". Some of the students have been involved in the Comenius activities for the two years of its life.

Beatriz Aguiar, student of Economyparticipated in the 5th Conference in Turkey; Leonardo Rodrigues, a student of Economy too, took part in the 6th International Conference in Finland.

Here they are:

This school year a class of 22 students of Science and Technology also got involved in the Comenius Project, having produced several types of assignments and developed activities associated. They are class 10CT2. Hugo Macário and João Silva took part in the 7th International Comenius Conference in Lepe, Spain.

Diogo Duarte Pereira, on the right, will participate in the last Conference in Scotland!

Class 10SE, whose area of studies is Economy, also incorporates 27 active Comenius students, in the current school year. From this class, Fábio Mota and Mariana Almeida were the Portuguese representatives in the 7th International Conference in Lepe, Spain.

Clementina Campelo, teacher of Physical Education, involved, in these two school years of the Project, students of class 11CT3 and 12CT2. Marta Rodrigues was the student selected to participate in the 7th International Meeting in Lepe, Spain. There she is, on the 1st row, in the middle of the group!

Another class of English, year 12 - 2 , with 22 students of Languages and Humanities and Science and Technology, also took part in the Project. Unfortunately three of them were absent.

Daniela Martins was the student selected at the time from class 11LH2, to join two more students and represent our school in Latvia, in the 1st International Meeting.

She also joined Diogo Pereira in the last International Conference in Gairloch, Scotland, due to her dedication, proactivity and commitment.

Class 12AV of Arts was also involved very positively during the two years under the guidance of José Sinde, the Arts teacher. The photo of the class is already displayed in the blog and Facebook site.

Turkey in Greece

Turkey In Latvia

Istanbul, Timeless City

                                                                 Our Hometown, Sakarya

Turkey's presentation in Finland