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Daniela´s photos of Arts Centre worshop in Preili, Latvia - Comenius Meeting

Teachers, subjects, classes / Professores, disciplinas e turmas no Proj. Comenius 2013-14

Comenius Meeting in Porto - info to the school community on Comenius Project

Ó Gente da minha terra! - Fado by Jessica Rafaela- Comenius Party- 24 Ja...

Polish, Finnish, Greek and Spanish Comenius students in Porto - 23 Jan 2014

The Scottish teachers and the Comenius cake- Porto - 24 Jan 2014

Latvian fantastic performance 3 - Comenius Party in Porto - 24 Jan 2014

Polish music and song by Izabella and Kamil -2- Comenius Party in Porto-...

Polish music and song by Izabella and Kamil - Comenius Party in Porto- 2...

Latvian fantastic performance 2 - Comenius Party in Porto - 24 Jan 2014

Turkish music and dance - Comenius party in Porto - 24 Jan 2014

Greek delegation dance 2 - Comenius Party in Porto - 24 Jan 2014

Greek delegation performance - Comenius Party in Porto- 24 Jan 2014

Portuguese traditional dances by O.U.P -4- Danças de Douro e Minho- Come...

Portuguese traditional dances by O.U.P- 3- Danças de Douro e Minho- Come...

Portuguese traditional dances by O.U.P 2- Danças de Douro e Minho- Comen...

Portuguese traditional dances by O.U.P 1- Danças de Douro e Minho- Comen...

Latvian delegation performance 1 - Comenius Meeting Party in Porto-Jan 2014

Scottish delegation performance in Comenius Meeting party in Porto -24 J...

The 4 ENs of Nature in Latvian wedding traditions 3 - Comenius Meeting i...

The 4 Ens in Latvian wedding traditions 2 - Comenius Meeting - November ...

The 4 Elements of Nature in Latvian wedding traditions - Comenius Meetin...

The 4 Elements of Nature in Latvian wedding traditions - Comenius Meetin...

Latvian folk dance by Preili Gymnasium students - Comenius Meeting - Nov...

Latvian dance by Latvian students of Preili Gymnasium - Comenius Meeting...

Portugal by class 12AS

Porto by class 12AS

Our school by class 12AS

Beaches of Porto Débora, Joana, Helena and Sara 11CT1

Portwine by Águeda Beatriz Sandra 10LH1

Douro River by Inês Moreira, Inês Silva, Bárbara Esteves, Mariana Marque...

Globalisation by Rui Gomes - 12CT1

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Charity Party for Quercus - labels for the second hand products sales

Informative Document about Guimarães and Braga - Comenius Meeting in Porto

Porto Cathedral - informative leaflet - Comenius Meeting in Porto

Fábia Rodrigues´report to the school community on her Comenius mobility to Latvia

Daniel Ribeiro´s Comenius impressions on the Comenius Meeting in Latvia - report to the school community

Comenius experience in Latvia - report to the school community - by Daniela Martins 11LH2

The 4ENs - objetivos, escolas parceiras, estratégias, atividades e mobilidades do Projeto Comenius - documento informativo para exibição na escola

S. Bento Train Station - info leaflet for Comenius Meeting in Porto

Agenda suggestion for Comenius work meeting in Porto

Comenius delegations and Portuguese hosts _ informative table

Comenius travelling delegations to Porto Meeting - table

Comenius Meeting in our school - informative document for school entrance

Host Student Certificate

Programme for Porto Comenius Meeting

Arts Workshop in Porto Meeting - Paula Rego info - leaflet

Arts Workshop in Porto Meeting - using collage

Daniel Ribeiro´s parents´evaluation of international mobility to Preili

Tom Daley - famous people on Earth - by Daniela Martins 11LH2

Animals on Earth by Helena Santos 11CT1

Oceans, Sara Silva 11CT1

Jardins sustentáveis - Centro Educativo Sto António

Agricultura sustentável em Portugal - Centro Educativo Sto António

Pollution on Earth by Rui Pedro 11LH2

Recycling by Ana Coelho 12AS

Reciclagem - por Ana Coelho 12AS

Tiles and china in Portugal by Beatriz Aguiar and 11SE

Nutrition - alternative forms of nutrition by Beatriz Aguiar 11SE

The Creation of Earth by Débora Silva and Joana Teixeira 11CT1

Nutrition on Earth by Inês Moreira 11CT1

Golf by Andreia Cardoso 11CT2

Air Sports by Andreia and Marta 11CT2

Plants used for medical purposes by Marta Veiga 11CT1

Wonderful places on Earth by Bárbara Esteves 11CT1

Scientific discoveries for a sustainablw development by Margarida Penha 11CT1

Recycling by Inês Matos and Inês Alonso 11CT1

Pollution by Vasco Botelho 11CT1

Plants used in cooking by Mariana Marqueiro 11CT1

Environmentally friendly Organisations by Sofia Pinto 11CT1

Landscapes on Earth by Miguel Dias 11CT1

World´s negative changes - text by João Magalhães 11CT1

Land Pollution by João Magalhães 11CT1

Human Behaviour and the protection of Earth by Bárbara Costa 11CT1

How to be environmentally friendly by Catarina Duran 11CT1

Benefits of Biodiversity by Vasco Marinho 11CT1

Renewable Energies by Afonso and Fábio Santos 11CT1

Coastal areas by Vanessa and Rafaela 11LH2

Subsoil Resources by Diogo Carvalho 11SE

Attendance Certificate for Porto Meeting

Parents evaluation of international mobility - Form

Teacher Evaluation of international mobility - Form

Pupil evaluation of international mobility - Form

Student´s personal information form

Environmental friendly Products by Jonathan Pertzborn 11LH2

Wonderful places on Earth by Amadeu and Diogo 11LH2

Wonderful places on Earth by Gonçalo Azevedo 11SE

The Forests by Ivan 11SE

Recycling by Beatriz Francesco and Márcia Azevedo 11SE

Pollution by Jorge Novais 11SE

Mineral resources by Ana Lira 11SE

Biodiversity by Paulo Teixeira 11SE

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Fábia Rodrigues´ Parents´evaluation of Comenius Meeting in Preili, Latvia

Fábia Rodrigues´evaluation of Comenius Meeting in Preili, Latvia

Daniela´s evaluation of Comenius Meeting in Preili

Daniela´s parents evaluation of Comenius Meeting in Preili

Agriculture - by Leonardo Rodrigues

Culinary herbs by Daniela Martins

Nutrition on Earth by Maria João Vinha

Natural disasters by Bruno Santos and Bruno Moreira


Regional products of Alentejo

Beira interior

Beira Litoral by Bruno Santos

Habitats by Natalie and Cátia

Minho by Jonathan Pertzborn

Urban sketchers - Porto - by class 12AV

Portugal, Porto, escola - folheto

Portugal, a country to visit by Catarina Quitério

City of Porto by André Moreira

Centro Educativo Sto António

Trás - os- Montes by Daniela Martins

Leaflet on historical Porto by Vasco Marinho 1

Leaflet on historical Porto by Vasco Marinho

Cork - leaflet by Jorge Mendes

Environmental friendly products

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A Terra

Poster - Porto

Portuguese Monuments

Porto - monumental city

Historical Porto

Carolina Michaelis Secondary School by Bárbara Costa

Olive Oil in Portugal

Products of the Algarve

Tourism in Portugal

Portwine - poster by Diogo Carvalho

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Footwear in Portugal

Douro - leaflet by Ana Lira

Portugal - por Carlos Machado

A cidade do Porto - Monumentos

A cidade do Porto

Portugal, Porto, escola...

Portugal, Porto, a nossa escola

Porto, Portugal

My country by Lurdes Macedo

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City of Porto - leaflet

A nossa escola

Porto- London - Riga

The 4 Elements of Nature in Latvian wedding traditions

Taste my country! - Preili . Comenius Meeting

Preili Museum and ghost stories

Preili - Comenius Meeting

Preili - School activities - Comenius Meeting

Lunch in Lido - Riga - Latvia

Glass Centre - Latvia - Comenius Meeting

Riga - Comenius Meeting

Comenius Work Meeting in Preili - by Portuguese delegation

Latvian ethnographic Museum - Riga - Nov 2013

Arts School

Friday, 7 February 2014


When we started this project, we were not sure about how important for our teaching process it might be. Our school life has undoubtedly changed. We have already done so many different and interesting things - projects and tasks, school excursions, contests and parties,... and there are so many things to do yet. We also have a lot to tell, let's start our Comenius Diary. 

SCHOOL YEAR 2013-2014

9 September - looking for sudden ideas to set up the basis for our Comenius participation. Groups of students, type of activities and tasks, teachers and departments involved and general aims and assessment criteria to select the different meeting attendants. 

16 October - taking important decisions and preparing our first task on 'Introducing Ourselves: Our Country, City and School.' For Latvia, we also had to prepare our 'Taste your Country' dishes: dried Iberian ham and Manchego cheese.

11 November - meeting our partners in Latvia. Along with the teachers Teresa (English) and Gloria (PE), the students Paula Fernández, Julia Guirao and Rebeca Santos shared this astonishing experience. With our Presentation Letter, we want to thank Anna Verza (the Latvian coordinator) for her invitation to PREILI

10 December - going on our first trip to 'El Monasterio de la Rábida, El Muelle de las Carabelas, El Parque Botánico de Celestino Mutis y El Monumento a la Fe Descubridora.' Getting ready for our second task on 'The Discovery of the New World,' by working on the two elements Earth and Water and with our peculiar Chistopher Columbus on the right and our ten-minute video on the discovery below.

For Portugal, we had to present our 'School Life' as well.

21 January - meeting our partners in Portugal. Our two teachers, Susanne (Music) and Cecilia (French) and seven students, Manuel Morales, Carmen Ramírez, Bianca Moisescu, Cristina Ramírez, Karla Mendoza, Alexandra Vidican and Anastasiya Velyaminova went to the welcoming city of PORTO. From Spain, we want to thank Maria G. Cruz for her Invitation.

27 January - taking our second school outing to 'Minas de Río Tinto y Molinos de Viento del Granado,' in order to get all the necessary information for our third task on 'Our Past: Mining, Fishing, Wind-power Grinding, and Farming under the Sun', focused on all the four elements Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. 'Huelva, Our Paradise' was the extraordinary result of our four students Cristina Ramírez, Alexandra Vidican, Anastasiya Velyaminova and Silvia Villegas. - HUELVA, OUR PARADISE
11 February - starting our Comenius Trivial Contest, for our three-day cultural workshops in April. Our students have been designing posters on the different participant countries in our project. By gathering information on flags, locations, capital cities, sightseeing spots, cultural and historical events,... they are preparing a quiz game for their partners at school. Would you like to have a go? CLICK HERE and play!

06 March following the teaching methodology of our colleagues of History and Geography: a different way of learning History, we are proud of presenting our exhibition on 'Our Buried Legacy,' our fourth task, based on the 1755 Great Lisbon Earthquake and Tsunami.

24 March - meeting our partners in Poland. Our male delegation for this meeting comprises our headmaster, Francisco José Santana, together with our language assistant, Kevin Negy, and four students, Antonio Marín, Antonio González, Antonio Cortés and Daniel Ortiz...

20-25 April voting for our fifth task 'AcrossLepe.' 

12-16 May - fourth meeting in Greece. Our sweet delegation formed by our students María Morales, Mayra Sierra, Isabel Cruz and Elkin Quispe, was accompanied by our two teachers Mª Eugenia Polo and Trinidad Sánchez. We all had the opportunity to live the Greek myth in VOLOS.