Thursday, 17 September 2015

Project logo

The project logo was designed by the student of Preiļu Valsts ģimnāzija Jūlija Starovoitova

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

“The 4ENs” Closing event

On the 14th of May  Preili State Gymnasium project participants and the coordinator organized the project Closing Event. We showed PPPs reflecting our mobility experiences, shared gained knowledge, prepared quizzes on the partnership countries  and did a diverse project Feedback and Evaluation. There was also a wide photo and souvenir exhibition.

Water in Latvian Folklore

The presentation was shown at the last project visit  in Scotland.

Latvian presentation “Winter Sports in Latvia”

The presentation was prepared and shown in Finland.

Latvian Presentation “Rye bread baking traditions”

The presentation was prepared for the project  visit in Spain.

Latvian presentation on “Fire”

The presentation was shown in Turkey.

Latvian presentation on “AIR”

The PPP was prepared and shown in Greece.

Latvian presentation “Nature Protection in Latvia”

We continued our research on the “Earth” focusing on natural parks and nature protection. The PPP was shown in Poland.

Latvian Presentation on “Earth”

We did research on “Earth”. The presentation was shown in Portugal, in January 2014.

Workshop “Get ready for Porto Charity Fair”

During Christmas holidays Preili State Gymnasium students were busy preparing souvenirs for Porto Charity Fair.  All the income from the sold items was transferred to Portugal Nature Protection League.

Apple - Tree Planting

26 Preili State Gymnasium students, most of them Comenius project “ The 4ENs” participants,  led by the project coordinator Anna Verza planted apple-trees.  During the day we managed to plant 2,000 trees.

Preili Park and Canal Area Cleanup

On October 5 2013, Preili State Gymnasium Comenius project participants supported Preili County initiative and participated in Preili Park and Canal Area Cleanup. We tidied up the area surrounding the Park Canals, raked the fallen leaves and prepared the new Preili ski track for the coming winter season.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

First project meeting in Preili

The 1st Comenius project “4ENs” meeting was hosted by the partnership coordinating school – Preiļu Valsts ģimnāzija (Latvia), from Nov 11 to 15 2013. 
There were 14 guest teachers and head teachers and 17 students from the partnership schools. 
During the visit, the project participants not only got to know one another, but also attended several project related workshops and activities. 
The visit story was broadcast on the regional (Latgales Reģionālā Televīzija) and national TV (LNT).

Comenius Part in Our School Website

We published all our activities, documents, photos and information in our school website.
Here is the link:

Final Products of Logo Competition in Our School