Friday, 29 May 2015

Finland's presentation in Scotland - The 4 Elements Project Reflection

Finnish Press Release

Here you can have look at all the articles published in our local paper "Tervareitti" during this project. The articles were written by the students who took part to the conference week in question.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

The 8th and Final Conference in Scotland

What an amazing experience this whole project has been. There aren't enough words to describe how grateful we are having had the chance to meet all these wonderful people and make friends around Europe. Both teachers and students will surely carry on keeping in touch and doing projects together in the future. We have learned so much about each other's cultures through this topic of 4 elements and during the conference weeks in each other's countries. The final conference in Gairloch, Scotland was a success and we all enjoyed immensely the varied program and the warm atmosphere. Here you can see all the exciting things we got to experience: Here is the presentation that our students Heikki and Ronja made of the conference week in Scotland and they gave the presentation on Europe Day celebration here in our school for all the lower and upper secondary school students: Here is a picture from our school auditorium of the celebration of the European Day 2015: Thank you everyone who has taken part in this project. Will miss you, but see you soon ;)

Monday, 18 May 2015

The 8th Conference Week in Scotland

Greece’s 4ENs Presentation - “Trouble in island life”

The eighth project meeting (last meeting of our Comenius) was at Gairloch High School, Scotland on 19th of April to 24th of April 2015.
We presented to the partners a video with the title “Trouble in island life”.
We were very moved as it was the last meeting.

We hope we are going to meet each other soon!!!

The 7th Conference Week in Spain

Greece’s 4ENs Presentation - “Fire-water-air-earth as renewable energy in Greece”

The seventh project meeting was at Les el Sur. Lepe, Huelva in Spain on 8th of February to 13rd of February 2015.
The four students who participated in the seventh Comenius-project, presented to the partners “Fire-water-air-earth as renewable energy in Greece”.
We had a great time in Spain and new friendships appeared.

Before the presentations at the Town Hall.

Before the presentations at the Town Hall.

The greek delegation

Greek students

The 6th Conference Week in Finland

Greece’s 4ENs Presentation - “Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Greece”

Two weeks before our Christmas holidays we visited Finland for the sixth project meeting from 7th of December to 12th of December 2014 in upper secondary school, Utajärvi, Finland.
Our student, who participated in the sixth Comenius -project, presented to the partners the “Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Greece”.
The hosted country managed to give us the Christmas spirit and we all felt very happy to meet Santa Claus!!!
Meeting Santa Claus

Meeting Santa Claus

Christmas Party ”Pikkujoulut” at the school

The 5th Conference Week in Turkey

Greece’s 4ENs Presentation - ”Cooperation and rivalry between the four elements”

Firstly students translated a  Greek poem  which  deals with the four elements.

At the beginning of the new school year we had the fifth project meeting which was at Akyazi Aöl, Turkey on 22th of September to 26th September 2014.
Once again members from the theatrical team of our school had prepared a Theater play with the title ”Cooperation and rivalry between the four elements”. 
 Furthermore they danced a traditional Greek danceIkariotikos” and Xasaposerviko.

 Greek delegation in İstanbul

Lunch in Altındere

Students during workshop

Dinner time at a Local Restaurant

Students walking at the national park.

Students walking at the national park.

Students walking at the national park.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The 4th Conference Week in Greece

Greece’s 4ENs Presentation - ”The 4ENs, the power of Greek gods”

The forth project meeting (last meeting for this school year) took place in 3rd General Lyceum in Volos, Greece on 12th of May to 16th of May 2014.
The theatrical team of our school had prepared the Theatre play with the title ”The 4ENs, the power of Greek gods”. Furthermore two members of the school dance group danced the Latin dance ”Set fire to the rain”
We were very happy to host our Comenius friends in our school. We spent together a very pleasant week trying to combine workshops and presentations with pleasure and fun.
Makrinitsa Enviromental Centre.Water workshop.

Makrinitsa Enviromental Centre

Art exhibition on Air
The museum at Thermopiles

The monument of Leonidas and 300 at Thermopiles

Visit reconstruction of the ship Argo

Excursion at Meteora 

Potery workshop at Argeological Museum of Volos

Visit at Argeological Museum of Volos


The 3th Conference Week in Poland

Greece’s 4ENs Presentation - “The 4ENs in Greek philosophy and mythology”
The third project meeting was at Zespol Szkol in Mszana Dolna, Poland on 24th of March to 28th of March January 2014.
The two students, who participated in the third Comenius-project, presented to the partners “The 4ENs in Greek philosophy and mythology”.
Comenius teachers

Students at the presentation

Students during workshop

Lunch time

The 2nd Conference Week in Portugal

Greece’s 4ENs Presentation - “The 4 ENs and tourism in Greece”

The second project meeting was at Agrupamento de escolas Carolina Michaelis in Porto, Portugal on 20th of January to 24th of January 2014.
The four students, who participated in the second Comenius-project, presented to the partners “The 4ENs and tourism in Greece”. They also danced a traditional Greek dance, “zembekiko”.
Students felt really comfortable and welcomed in Portugal.
School in Porto

 Visiting Town Hall

 Comenius New Year cake

Saturday, 16 May 2015

The 1st Conference Week in Latvia

The first project meeting was at Preili State Gymnasium, Latvia on 11th of November to 15th of November 2013. Our student, who participated in the first Comenius-project, presented to the partners our country, Greece and our city, Volos. In her presentation she tried to combine the four elements with the ancient Greek gods. We also presented our 'Taste your Country' dishes: Tsipouro and traditional preserves.
We were very happy to meet our partners and enjoyed our staying in Latvia.