Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Final Comenius Summary of Project on the 4ENs of Nature - Porto, Portugal

"The 4 Elements of Nature and Their Effect on Our Lives"

After two years of intense cooperation among eight European countries , the summary of activities, events, mobilities and outcomes of our school in Porto is here below:

Classes,students (boys & girls), subjects and teachers involved in 2014/1015.

from left to right: Maria da Graça Cruz - teacher of English and coordinator - Lucinda Coelho - teacher of Economy,
 Clementina Campelo - teacher of Physical Education- and Teresa Guedes - teacher of Geography

The outcomes of the two school years can also be seen and analysed.

They are the result of collaborative work among different areas of study and teachers related: Biology and Geology, Portuguese, History, Arts, Geography, English, Sociology, Economy, Physical Education.

Special events, outcomes related to Portugal, Porto city, our school, evaluation forms, "The Multilingual Glossary on the 4 ENs", and the mobilities are here too!

Celeste Almeida - teacher of Biology and Geology- and Joaquina Carvalho - teacher of Portuguese

Ana Paula Marques, teacher of Sociology

Evaluations were sent for every partner coordinator:
Latvia, Poland, Greece,Turkey, FinlandSpain and Scotland, and were received as well here in Porto, Portugal, after the Meeting in January 2014.

  José Valente - teacher of History                         José Sinde and Cristina Silva - teachers of Arts

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