Monday 9 March 2015

Comenius teachers´s Meeting in Porto, Portugal - January 2015

In January, before the 7th Conference in Lepe, Spain, the Portuguese teachers involved in the work development related to the 4 Elements of Nature and their Effect on Our Life, met, to make the balance of the first term activities and analyse the activities ahead, as well as the mobilities accomplished and the future ones. Problems found in integrating the students´works with each one´s syllabus were also discussed 
Here we are: teachers of Physical Education. Geography, Sociology, English and Economy, from left to right.

Clementina Campelo is going to take part in the next Conference in Spain, Teresa Guedes took part in the 5th Conference in Greece and the two teachers - Ana Paula Marques and Lucinda Coelho would love to take part in the last Conference in Scotland if the budget will allow it...

José Sinde, the Arts teacher who is very much interested in taking part in the project too, hasn´t got the possibility to travel, but will share his students´productions willingly!

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