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Comenius Portuguese Expedition on the 4ENS - 2014-2015

After constant contacts among all the partners in the eight countries,  coordinators, staff and students met again in September, this time in Turkey, Akyazi, for the 5th international Comenius Meeting. We toured the school and got to know some of the culture displayed on their walls: artistic works, their iconic personalities, posters on Comenius visits and meetings.

After the formal opening of the Comenius Meeting,by the Turkish school Headmaster and Cordinator, all the delegations did their best on stage. The Portuguese students delegation presented their work on the 4ENS related to Portugal, specifically on "Earth and FIRE", to all the other seven delegations and to the Turkish school audience. A typical dance - "Vira da Nazaré" was offered to the audience at the end of the presentation, as it was related to the most famous Portuguese town today related to a Water sport: surfing.
All the partner school dekegations´presentations attracted the audience and involved everyone, informing and showing different aspects of each country´s approach of the common topic- the 4 Elements of Nature.

Afterwards, we visited the Comenius Garden, near the school, an area cared by the Turkish coordinator, other engaged teachers and their students. An example to see!

Emine,  proud of their Comeniys Garden.
The work meeting was held to prepare the next International Meetings and activities, as well as to analyse problems and solutions about all the process of information display so far, i.e. the blog and Facebook.

Many activities were realised related to the Four Elements of Nature and all the participants were very enthusiastic about the programme: visited a traditional historical town- Beypazan- the local Museum - Yasayan Museum,where we could travel to the past and see how Turkish families lived then. Participants could try their artistic talents with Water. Both Sofia and Beatriz accepted the challenge! Everyone was also eager to see the Silver Bazaar and students enjoyed the typical colourful Turkish outfits.

We enjoyed beautiful landscapes and watched birds, saw incredibly nice natural sceneries, visited the
 most hurt city by earthquakes - Adapazari - and its Earthquake Museum, visited a National Park,  tasted the typical foods and learned much about the icons of the Turkish architecture

The final closing ceremony was absolutely fantastic , very well planned and programmed and we could enjoy the typical Turkish musical instruments, their type of music and appreciate the students´talents.

The school headmaster and Emine were very welcoming and couldn´t have done better! Sofia was chosen for the main party character - The Turkish bride - and was very proud of it! The students joined the final dance and had much fun as well as we did!

The time to say goodbye arrived and it was difficult for all to leave! the days passed too fast...and tears came too. Friendly links have been created!

Before departure to everyone´s country there was the chance to visit Istambul, one of the richest and most attractive cities in the world. Monuments were very much appreciated, the Bosphorus, its customs, people and way of life. Unforgettable!

Evaluations of the international activity were sent to the Turkish coordinator, by the Portuguese coordinator, and by the two students, Sofia Pinho and Beatriz Teixeira  thanking and complimenting her, all the school staff, students, their families  and town authorities for the welcoming warm and very well organized reception and programme!

As for our school students, different classes of students have been researching and presenting works on different themes related to Earth,Water and also to the 4 Elements together, linked to the mandatory syllabus of the different subjects.

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