Tuesday 13 May 2014

Comenius partners from Finland, Portugal and Spain met in Lisbon in April!

Our school organizes our own internationality project for each second year class in our upper secondary school. This year we organized a trip to Lisbon. Our students worked hard to collect the money and we spent a wonderful week in Lisbon and the surrounding areas. What was especially special about our trip was the chance to have a weekend together with a group of students and teachers from our partner school in Lepe, Spain and our partner teacher, Maria from the school in Porto, Portugal also came to meet us. The students got to get to know one another, we had lovely picnic at a park and saw some sights of Lisbon. This is truly one of the best things about the Comenius project: we have friends and partners from around Europe and we can organize get togethers whenever, wherever and offer amazing opportunities for our students to cooperate with young people from around Europe.

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