Thursday, 18 June 2015

Comenius Week in Porto, Portugal - May 2015

From the 8 to 16 May the school community could appreciate a bit of the so many wonderful and enriching experiences our staff and students enjoyed in the two years of the Comenius Project that now, unfortunately, are over:(

Documents on the Project - objectives, strategies, activities, mobilities, outputs were displayed on placards and computers, apart from the photos of the amazing groups of people we met on the seven countries and schools we travelled to and hosted here in January 2014:)

The Multilingual Glossary on"The Four Elements Of Nature" could be analysed by everyone who wanted to.

In the school library all the computers had as the background image the web page connected to the outputs students produced during the two years of the project, allowing, this way, its visibility to any member of the community.

The photos displayed in the school entrance and in two corridors placards were related to the eight International Meetings in the eight European partner schools. They are proof of the enthusiasm and links created along this period of time!


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